Spa doesn’t like me

Well I’ve decided that Spa doesn’t like me!

60 cars on the grid with 2 championship combined for the weekend in temps of around 30deg.

Testing went well early in the week but come to qualifying and I struggled to get a clear lap in especially as there was a red flag which reduced the time down.

Qualifying 7th wasn’t the best and we were also struggling with pace in the lower gears and tyres all weekend unfortunately.

Race 1 saw a 3 car crash on the 1st lap resulting in a safety car procession for most of the race and still struggling with pace and tyres finished a disappointing 12th.

Race 2 started 12th and made up a few places on start then another 3 car crash and safety car came out again and went in with about 4mins to go, unfortunately I then get turned in on whilst overtaking a car at 120mph which sent me into a spin smashing into the barrier at Blanchimant – game over almost a carbon copy of my crash in 2016!
My car (Bert Goose) was a right off and we didn’t have the budget left to fix it so we set up a crowdfunding page and thanks to some amazing people we managed to raise most of the money to enable us to race in the next round at Knockhill BTCC. The appeal is open till 30th Aug so there is still time to donate at –